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ARBOGA A/S is a production and trading company bought in 1992 from the Swedish company ARBOGA MASKINER AB, who produced and sold a program of grinding and polishing machines together with the well known ARBOGA drilling machines.

ARBOGA is known worldwide for its high quality and wide program of grinding and polishing machines, which today are sold to more than 40 countries.

New geared head drill press
New geared head drill press SBM-32F - made for Arboga!
25th anniversary
On Friday, 4th April 2014, Ole Nielsen will celebrate 25 years...
New program of magnetic drilling machines from Scantool.
Scantool magnetic drills are a new generation of magnetic dril...

A united family of quality grinding, polishing drilling and metal working machines


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Tlf: +45 98 23 60 88