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Many of the customers who buy our machines are only aware of the brand name on the machine. Not many of them know that they are using a product manufactured by the largest and most experienced producer of grinding machines
in Europe. Actually, we were the first to develop and start up serial production of the well-known industrial belt grinders.


Our experience in grinding and polishing goes way back; some of our key staff have worked with the manufacture of grinding machines for a great
part of their lives.

The wide range of products we market all have one thing in common - they are known for their quality and good name. We produce most of the machines ourselves, either in our factory in Brovst or in co-operation with very competent, qualified sub suppliers in Denmark and abroad. Others are produced on a private label basis by high-quality factories abroad. These factories are specialists in
their own fi eld and we have co-operated with them for several years.


Even though we do not manufacture all machines ourselves, they are often manufactured according to our specifications and we can guarantee the quality.


Scantool Group fullfill the WEEE directive


Scantool Group take the responsibility for collection and disposal of Electrical and electronic tools in compliance with Danish legislation.


Elretur 2011-12 

New geared head drill press
New geared head drill press SBM-32F - made for Arboga!
25th anniversary
On Friday, 4th April 2014, Ole Nielsen will celebrate 25 years...
New program of magnetic drilling machines from Scantool.
Scantool magnetic drills are a new generation of magnetic dril...

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Tlf: +45 98 23 60 88